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How does this work?

Prepare your application by answering simple questions. When you're done, one of our lawyers will fully review it and schedule a consultation with you in person or by video conference. The fee to prepare your application and work with a lawyer to review and submit it is fixed at $500.

What's the catch?

We're often asked how we're able to charge so little. The simple answer is that our technology takes care of most of the paperwork, so all our lawyers have to charge for is reviewing the application and working with you to make sure everything is correct and ready for submission.

Who can use Borderwise?

Borderwise is currently available for family-based green cards and citizenship applications. If you've had a green card for five years then you likely qualify for citizenship. However if you're married to a US citizen then you generally only need to have had your green card for three years.


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Daneel Schaechter

“Servicio excelente... Esta aplicación es más fácil de usar de lo que ud creería. La mejor parte: ahorré miles de dólares. Honestamente soy un cliente feliz.”

Luis Aponte

"Borderwise has been very responsive and helped me go through my Green Card application."

Julien Capron

“The software is extremely easy to use and makes the application process much easier. We considered paying thousands of dollars for a lawyer before a friend told us about Borderwise. Highly recommended.”

Gautam George

"Great service and very efficient. Saved us thousands of dollars in the long run. We would highly recommend."

Tom Mpande

"The Borderwise team has built an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that bridges the gap between full attorney representation and completely going it alone on immigration cases."

Erick Widman

"Preparing my application on Borderwise was very simple. It took about an hour to answer all the questions online, and the attorney consultation was really helpful. 10 out of 10!"

Cassie Chatwin

"Awesome group of lawyers and a very informative and clear process!"

Ivan Guerra