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Automated Templates

Turn your Microsoft Work and other documents into Automated Templates

Turn any .docx file into an automated template by following these steps:

Create a Document
  • Create a new document in Word, Google Docs, Apple's Pages or any other word processor
  • Insert our merge tags where ever you want your client's information to be inserted.  For example, if you want your client's full name to be inserted into the document, use the merge tag #full_name#.  Here's a complete list of available merge tags.
  • Save your document as a .docx file
Upload your Document to Docketwise
  • From your dashboard, navigate to Account Settings by clicking the cog icon in the bottom right corner
  • Select "Automated Templates"
  • On the next page, give your template a name and upload your .docx file
Export your Template
  • From your dashboard, select "Create New" and then "Template"
  • Indicate your Client (required), Matter (optional) and Template (required)
That's it!

Updated: 5 months

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