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Inviting Contacts to Smart Forms

Invite your contacts to a secure portal where they can complete their forms by answering simple questions

Once you've chosen your form, the next step is choosing the contacts for your application. It's always a good idea to create your contacts before creating a form, but it's not necessary. If your contacts are already saved, make sure to select them from the dropdown to ensure that your form is prepopulated with all of their data. To invite your contacts (whether a client or some other party to the application), check the "Invite Client" box.

You can keep track of your invites from the Invites column on your Forms tab. For each form, you will see the number of contacts invited. When you click on that number, you will also see which contacts have been invited and the status of each invitation. The different statuses include:

  • Sent: The invitation has been sent via email to your client.
  • Email Bounced: The invitation was not successfully delivered to your client, generally because of an incorrect email address or full inbox.
  • Accepted: Your client has clicked on the invitation and accessed your form.
  • Returned for Review: Your client has completed the form and submitted it to you for review.
You will also have the options here to resend an invitation or invite a new contact.

After you send an invite, your contact will receive an email inviting them to a secure portal where they will be able to access the entire form as a beautifully streamlined questionnaire. The email will come from you and will reply to your email address.

They can access the form on any desktop, laptop or mobile device. They will also receive their own login and dashboard where they can access all of their invitations.

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