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Custom Intakes

Build your own intakes with custom questions

Intakes enable you to collect all and only the information you need.  

With Intakes you can:
  • Build unlimited questionnaires for different use cases
  • Include any combination of Docketwise questions, or craft your own questions.  Ask anything you want!
  • Include document upload requests with upload buttons for your client.  Learn more here
  • Share the Intakes via email or SMS
  • Translate the Intakes in Spanish or English
To get started:
  • Navigate to Account Settings
  • Click "Custom Intake"
  • Name your intake
  • Select the questions you want to include
  • Click "Custom" to write your own questions
  • To invite a contact to your custom intake, click "Create New" from your dashboard and select "Form".  Your intake will be available from the dropdown list of forms

Updated: 9 days

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