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LawPay Integration

Collect credit card payments with our LawPay integration

Docketwise integrates with LawPay, so your clients can pay Docketwise invoices by credit card right into your LawPay account. 

Q: What is LawPay?

A: LawPay is the go-to online payment solution for the legal industry. Connect your existing LawPay account to Docketwise or sign up for a new LawPay account and start getting paid easier, more securely, and 39% faster.

Q: How does the integration work?

A: Activate your LawPay integration by navigating to your Account Settings and clicking "Activate LawPay".  Once the integration is active, you can invite your clients to pay Docketwise invoices by credit card.  Payments will automatically flow to your LawPay account.  Watch the video below for a more detailed walkthrough.

Updated: 10 months

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