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Emailing Custom Templates

Email custom templates, like tasklists and welcome messages, right from Docketwise

You can email clients right from Docketwise.  Better yet, you can save time by creating templates for frequently sent emails, like action items, welcome messages and checklists.

  • To get started, click Create New and choose Message
  • You are required to provide the email recipient and content for the email
  • You may optionally list a client and matter that you wish to file the email under
  • You may also select any other member of your firm as the email sender.  This will determine the email address to which email replies are sent
  • You’ll have the option to draft a new email or to import one of your Templates
  • You can also save your email as a Template to use again for other clients by checking the "Save as Template" box below the content area
  • Once your email is sent, you can find it in your Messages tab.  There you can also resend your email to remind clients about important action items
  • Finally, you can create and edit unlimited Templates from your account settings tab
Here's a video to help you get started:

Updated: 12 months

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